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Shielded Realms


Welcome to the Shielded Realms


This epic fantasy trilogy for teens and young-at-heart alike is a whimsical, witty, adventure with unicorns, monsters, and dragons. Though there is some romance, a big theme of these books is not romanticizing toxic relationships. 

Enough preaching! Let's jump on that unicorn and gallop into a mythical portal which may or may not turn you into a toad.

Covers by Magical Covers
Character art by Jade Merien

Book One of The Shielded Realms

Book Two of The Shielded Realms

Shielded realms book 1
Shielded Realms Book 2

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 

Unicorns aren't always sparkles

and treats and everything sweet



Shawna turned sixteen and it's the worst day of her life: her high school and family are barely tolerable, the world is burning, the future bleak, and she just found out a horrible family secret. How could it get worse?


She decides running away is the best option, but before she can escape a monstrous creature attacks. So, that's worse. Her life is further complicated when a powerful black unicorn comes to her aid and takes her to a fantastical realm of magic, danger, and mystery where she finds out her true identity: Raina, Guardian of the Realms. Oh, and by the way, the world is unraveling from an ancient curse. A girl can’t get a break. 

However, with the help of a sassy old witch, a quirky fairy allergic to her own fairy dust, a frustrating but handsome young man, a cranky lightning lion, and a fierce fire-wielding unicorn, she begins to find the family she always dreamed of. The truth of the curse and of the shattered sapphires will take Raina and her companions on a thrilling adventure through the dreamscapes of the five Shielded Realms. But within the last realm, the unicorns have been hiding a dark and terrible plan.

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 


Dragons breathe more than flame,

like chaos and dangerous games


Raina's been missing for a year in the human realm of Earth, but the rips between the worlds are weakening. Her artistic-theatrical-goth childhood friend, Cara, stumbles upon a dragon practically in her backyard and is taken to an underground resistance.

However, not everything is as it seems. Though ecstatic to find herself in a fantasy land, Cara soon sees the dark side and there are no cookies. While Cara is thrust into adventure, Raina faces difficult decisions with Orin, herself, and her newfound power.


She leaves Wolfsong to find a missing friend, but a group of rebel dragons have other plans for Raina. If she can't face her true self, she'll be playing right into the golden dragon's hands.

In the second installment of The Shielded Realms. We follow several characters across Domia as plans, people, and worlds collide. 

Book Three of The Shielded Realms

Shielded Realms Book 3

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 

Lion lion burning bright

turn the storm into light 


Worlds, magic, and technology collide in the last exciting installment of The Shielded Realms. 


in Progress

Coming Soon

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