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Covers by Elayne Griffith
Shielded Realms character art by Jade Merien

Welcome to the Shielded Realms


These fantasy books, for teens and young-at-heart alike, are a whimsical, witty, adventure with a wee bit of horror. Muahaha. Though there is some romance, a big theme of these books is not romanticizing toxic relationships. When I show those behaviors it's for the purpose of comparison to healthy behavior. And, hey, it's also okay to be single. 

Enough preaching! Let's jump on a unicorn and gallop into that mythical portal which may or may not turn you into a toad.

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Shielded Realms

Book One of The Shielded Realms

Shielded Realms Shattered Sapphires

Book Two of The Shielded Realms

Shielded Realms Dragons Eye

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 

Unicorns aren't always sparkles

and treats and everything sweet


Shawna turned sixteen and it's the worst day of her life for...well, several reasons: her high school and family are barely tolerable, the world is burning, the future bleak, and she just found out a terrifying family secret. How could it get any worse or better?


After she finds out her family's secret a monstrous creature attacks. So, that's worse. Things only get weirder when a powerful black unicorn comes to her aid and takes her to a fantastical realm of magic, danger, and mystery. So, that's better?


Life is a lot more complicated when you're a kidnapped sorceress actually named Raina, Guardian of the Realm.

With the help of a sassy old witch, a quirky fairy allergic to her own fairy dust, a frustrating young man, a cranky lightning lion, and a fierce fire-wielding unicorn, Raina is thrust into a world that is unraveling from an ancient curse.


The truth of the curse, and of the shattered sapphires, will take Raina and her companions on a thrilling adventure through the dreamscapes of the five Shielded Realms. But within the last realm, the unicorns have been hiding something dark and terrible. 

Book Three of The Shielded Realms

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 


Dragons breathe more than flame,

like chaos and dangerous games

Raina's life is awesome now! Except for one thing: her complicated love life. Okay, a few other things too, like that her boyfriend is kidnapped by a magical cult, someone has sent her a cryptic message about a long lost friend, and the dragons are up to usual.

She must choose between rescuing her relationship and the young man who fought by her side, or the lost friend who sacrificed their life for hers. Whichever she chooses, the other might be thrown into greater danger and beyond saving. 

However, the dragons have their own plans for Raina, one that will determine the fate of Earth. But if she can't face her true self then she'll be playing right into the dragon's hands.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Tara, accidentally stumbles into the magical realm of Domia, much to Tara's joy. Although Tara is ecstatic to see the fantasy world come to life and to find out what happened to Raina, even fantasies have an annoying habit of not turning out the way you imagined.

Untitled_Artwork 54.jpg

Young Adult Fantasy

Ages 13+ 

Don't pet the sparkly lion.



Something about the end of the world, dragons and unicorns rampaging around, the hidden fairy realm, add a healthy dose of humor, friendship, personal growth, and hope, something something yay! 

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