Book One of The Shielded Realms

Young Adult Fantasy 

Sixteen is supposed to be a special day for most young girls, but Shawna’s sweet sixteen turns into a night of terror. After she overhears her parents having a strange and chilling conversation about “things” coming for her she plans to run away, but before she can monstrous creatures come scratching at the door. In her last desperate moments, a powerful black unicorn comes to her aid, taking her away to a fantastical realm of magic, danger, and mystery. 

She wakes to find herself at the mercy of a sassy old witch, a quirky fairy who’s allergic to her own fairy dust, a fierce unicorn unlike the kind found in fairy tales, and a world of beauty and nightmares; a world, she discovers, that is not only her own, but is unraveling from an ancient curse. The truth of the curse, and of the shattered sapphires, will take Shawna and her companions on a thrilling adventure through the dreamscapes of the five Shielded Realms. But within the last realm, the unicorn is hiding a dark, and terrible secret. 



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Short Story

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A metaphorical day at the zoo reveals the dark realities beneath utopian ideals.


Booktrack and Hugh Howey competition finalist and prize winning entry.

Short story fan fiction of Hugh Howey's Half Way Home. 


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Four generations have passed since the first colonists survived the murderous fires of Colony, and its command module has lain in ruin ever since. However, the power of its manipulative teachings has resonated through time and minds. Now, Oliver's devout descendants have rediscovered their sacred Colony, and the Gods are coming to cleanse their world.


San Francisco Writer's Conference Finalist

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Transhumanist Nano-Punk Sci-Fi

In 2156, a once promising nanotechnology almost wipes out humanity, but the survivors establish a new world free of conflict, suffering, and disease; only death remains to be conquered. A century later, Ada Lovell helps create the Azimuth: a powerful quantum computer that enables immortality. However,the Azimuth evolves and unleashes a shocking new future for humanity... 


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Alternative History Sci-Fi

Caesar was killed at the Battle of Alesia, the Celtic Holocaust never occurred, and a polytheistic female-monarchy prevails in Arvernia, Land of the Celts.

On the North American continent known as the Three Nations of United Tribes, a team of scientists are on the brink of a devastating discovery, one that Arvernia has hidden for decades. However, the fate of humanity may be inevitable, despite history. 




Sci-Fi Short Story

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Mardy and Aldo are the last hope for humanity, entrusted with an important task. However, there is only one of  'them,' and only one solution to the "human problem."



Sci-Fi Short Story

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What makes us human? Our creativity? Think again...




Sci-Fi Short Story

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Book Two of The Shielded Realms

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Orin and Antares have disappeared. In order to find them, Ava and Lula unite forces with a Fóthair wolf, Lazlo: an ancient and powerful steward of the Fallen Tree. 


When they travel across serpent infested seas, wild, enchanted forests, and into the Nemean desert, they'll discover a lost empire in league with the dragons. There, the golden lions of Nemean guard a shocking secret that may lead to the return of unicorns, but the destruction of Earth.



Sapiens Plurum

Honorable Mention

Sci-Fi Short Story

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A look through the promising lens of colonizing Mars.


- Currently writing -

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Fantasy Middle Grade

One snowy night, young Gwen meets an ethereal snow leopard that brings her a magical sugar-bloom. She soon discovers that she is one of five children from around the world called 'Dreamweavers' who have the magical ability to change both the dream and real world.


However, the dream worlds of children are being threatened by sinister nightmares, and the darkness is seeping into reality.


Psychological Thriller

Short Story

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A man at a writer's retreat in an old manor, and a transgender woman at an exclusive spa discover a disturbing reality.

The paintings, the dog, the people, the shattered glass are all clues to the truth.


Adult New-Age Humor

Bia, a young woman living in Los Angeles, feels that her life has been spiraling into  oblivion. 

If you liked The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Celestine Prophecy, or any "slice of life" changing stories then follow the white tiger on a humorous, heart-felt, soul touching adventure. 

Along with a dash of down-to-earth of humor, a twist of mystical, and a cast of crazy characters, Amur leads us on a philosophical journey into the heart of the wilderness and humanity: what is the purpose of our short, silly, little lives, and what do you do with a tiger on your couch?